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Accurate Poverty Alleviation Donation Funding Practice Corporate Social Responsibility

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In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to help the poor,
In order to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to help the poor, to practice the core values of socialism, and to achieve better poverty alleviation, Jinsong Machinery has responded positively to the “Million Enterprise Helps the Village to Help the Poverty Alleviation” proposed by the county party committee and the government in recent years. To help the poor villages to understand the practical difficulties, and to express condolences to poor families and widowed elderly people, and to compose a song to help the poor with their own practical actions.
General Manager Jiang Xiongyi said: Enterprises must be brave enough to shoulder social responsibilities, donate funds for scholarship in the contemporary era, and benefit in the future. In the future, they will continue to devote themselves to donating money and donating money to the cause of learning and giving love to the poor students. I hope that the caring people from all walks of life can devote themselves to helping students to contribute to the cause of love, and to contribute to the improvement of the learning and life of poor students.